Mallorca – an ever-popular star of the Mediterranean

Mallorca is the best known and largest island of the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean. With its stunning coastal area, its marvelous sandy beaches, original valleys on the countryside, spectacular towering mountains and wooded hillsides, it offers everything you need for a beautiful vacation or a longer stay.


The north of Mallorca is well-known for its jagged mountains that slip into the sea and its wonderful long stretches of sandy beaches. The coastal villages with its small ports and treasured ancient streets, the impressive nature around the Cap Formentor, as well as beautiful bay of Alcúdia receive some of the most loyal visitors returning every year.


Its dramatic scenery of the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range dominates Mallorca’s west coast. In 2011 the UNESCO declared the Serra de Tramuntana World Heritage, which reaches a height of 1,400m and makes it a popular spot for those who are into outdoor activities like cycling and hiking. At the same time, its stunning restaurants and the romantic coastal street have made it the perfect ground for visitors from all over the world.


The island’s south-east is characterized by the most stunning natural park of Mallorca, Mondragó, with its aquamarine seas and luscious white sand beaches. It invites for beautiful walks through the pine-filled coastline next to a number of unique splendid beaches. This part of Mallorca is less developed for tourism and rather by tranquility and the traditional mallorcan way of life influenced.


Mallorca’s south-coast is characterized by its quietness as tourists are rarely to be found. Beautiful caves, surrounded by sharp-edged mountains, and the rural settings on the countryside characterize the landscape.

Central Mallorca

The interior of Mallorca boasts with wonderfully fertile land with tiny rustic villages. Far away from tourists, there is the opportunity to immerse yourself in the real Mallorcan culture. Beautiful monasteries and vineyards around Es Plá invite for visits.